Live Edge Chopping Boards

Live Edge Chopping Boards

What are they like?

Each live edge board is unique. No really. No two are ever exactly the same.

Made famous by James Martin and often known as a James Martin Chopping Board, these beautiful multi-use wooden boards can be cheeseboards, chopping boards or presentation boards for the table. Each and every one is a statement piece for your kitchen. They are all different and created to take advantage of the natural and varying characteristics of the wood. Generally, they are between 40cms and 80cms long, 25cms to 50cms wide and 4cms to 10cms thick. Every board has 3 straight sides and one rustic side, which is usually one of the long sides. Our boards do not feature bark on the front and there are lots of reasons for this. To understand a bit more about why read our post on the subject of bark on live edge chopping boards.

Our selection of available timber is broad and includes English / Scottish Ash, English Oak, French Oak, American Black Walnut, American Sugar Maple, English Sycamore, Croation Walnut,  English Walnut, American Black Cherry, and English Elm to name but a few. If you have a specific request that we dont have an in stock we will liekly be able to get hold of it for you providing that it can be sustainably sourced and is not listed in Appendix 1 of the Convention on International Trading on Endangered Species (CITES).

We love making them in our Warwickshire workshop and we are confident that you will love using them. Take a look at our blog on cleaning to learn how to care for your board.

james martin chopping board
extra large waney edge chopping board

How are they made?

The through and through boule is a traditional method of timber production, and is how the sawn boards that are used to make these are converted from the log. Each log is totally unique, each slab is totally unique, each chopping board totally unique.

The process starts with the careful selection of planks from the boule at the timber yard. We only select planks that we think are going to make great looking chopping boards. Some of these planks are huge, perhaps 4-5 meters long, 100mm thick, and weigh 250kg whereas some are just big enough to make a single board. What they all have in common though is great looking grain and a good looking wild/rustic edge.

The planks are planed and smoothed, cut to size and made square on three sides. The natural waney edge is left on one long side and stripped of bark, two rustic sides are also possible for custom boards. The boards are then sanded, washed to raise the grain, and sanded again. Depending on the timber this step may need to be completed multiple times.

The finished board is then soaked in a bath of mineral oil. Rubber non-slip feet are attached and the board is given a final coat of our board butter to protect it and give it some water resistance prior to dispatch.

Our Promise

  • We’ll plant a new tree for every single board purchased.
  • We’ll respect out natural resources and minimise waste.
  • We’ll only use sustainable timber sources.
  • We’ll use recycled and recyclable packaging.
  • We’ll make each board ourselves in our own workshop.
  • We’ll always do our best
  • We’ll let you return any board for upto 30 days no questions asked. (Conditions apply)
james martin style chopping board

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