Customised chopping board

Customised chopping board
an end grain chopping board

I can't wait, I want one now

Here's how it works

You’re here because you want a fully customised chopping board aren’t you? Well, who could blame you?

The process is easy, all you need to do is choose your timber, enter the dimensions, add any design features, and add it to your basket. Job done. This is a made to order option that we will make specifically for you and as such the lead time from order to dispatch is circa 10 working days.

Choose your own type of wood

Choose any type of wood that you like. The most common options are…

  • English Oak,
  • English Beech,
  • Scottish/English Ash,
  • American Cherry,
  • American Black Walnut,
  • American Sugar Maple,

…if there is something specific that you want that isn’t one of the options then get in touch via our contact us page and we’ll do our best to help.

Decide on your dimensions

It’s up to you how big or small your customised chopping board will be. Choose any dimensions down to the centimeter. There are some common sense restrictions on thickness to protect the stability or your board and prevent warping. The bigger the board the thicker it needs to be.

We hope that we have catered for most peoples needs but if you want a board longer than 80cm long, the please get in contact with us.

Your board will be made from blocks measuring 70mm by 30mm.

Seperate corner and edge options

Choose different options for both the edges and the corners.

Make them the same if you want to, or not. It’s up to you.

Square and 45 degree champfered edges or corners look amazing in a modern kitchen, whilst rounded ones are a good general option in most kitchens.

Chopping Board Customisation

Pick a profile

There are several options for corners and edges.  The most common option is 12mm round corners and square cut edges but the choice is up to you and is down to personal preference.

All options are free of charge.

Maybe a juice groove or a handle?

So not all grooves are made equally. Ours are engraved very precisely with a CNC machine. They have a square milled bottom, are wide enough to allow good flow, and are equiped with a big well in one corner to catch the juices.

Our recessed handles are usually placed on the short edge of the board and are particularly useful for bigger and heavier boards.

chopping board juice groove

Personalise with laser engraving

Laser engraving is a really nice personal touch for a partner or for a gift. You can have a customised chopping board engraved a board on the top, botton or on any of the edges. Our standard font for this is myriad pro semi-bold condensed and if you want to see an example of our engraving then have a look here.

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