Caring for your Board

Caring for your Board

Chopping board care is essential if you want your board to look good and last a long time, but it can be confusing knowing which products to choose. Read our article on cleaning if you want something a bit more in depth.

However, if you have an edge grain chopping board then one of our butters will usually suffice unless it is a particularly old and tired board, in which case it might also benefit from some oil as well. If you have an end grain board we really recommend a combination of both oil and butter due to the nature of the grain.


All of our butters aim to do the same thing and are equally effective. They are a blend of oils and waxes that condition the wood and provide a level of waterproofing to protect your chopping board from drying out and splitting. There are however, some options depending on your personal preference.

Choose this if you want our traditional and best selling butter made from mineral oil and small batch beeswax from one of Warwickshire’s Master Beekeepers.

Choose this if you want a vegan butter made from soy wax and mineral oil.

Choose this if you want an innovative and wholly plant based butter made from coconut oil and coconut wax. Coconut oil is highly refined and does not small of coconut. We’ve also added some pure lemon oil for a clean zingy scent.


Oils penetrate more deeply in to the wood and are particulaly suitable for end grain boards. The oil floods the pores to help prevent water damage.

Choose this if you want a good level of protection from an oil that is generally considered to be the gold standard treatment. It is also vegan and very cost effective.

Choose this if you want a good level of protection from an innovative wholly plant based oil.

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